My New Paris


Before this week i’d visited Paris twice, both very short trips, but long enough that I thought I had a good understanding of the city.  I’d done the Eiffel Tower, climed the Arc de Triomphe and wandered along the Seine.  In essence i’d visited the traditional Paris, the city that exists in film and in old photographs.  Read More »


parkrun_logo-d258b02c8a9688689f6152182860d4b3aec4260c3dce74c2e6e57f719b97aa49So after initially signing up to Parkrun back in June I finally convinced myself it was a good idea to actually go for a run.  So a few weeks ago I got myself up nice and early put on my trainers and then headed out of the door – before promptly turning around and heading back home.  Turns out i’d misunderstood one of the key requirements of parkrun and hadn’t printed off a copy of my barcode.

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