London Winter Run – my first ever 10km


So Sunday was the day that I stepped things up and ran my first ever 10km, and what a run in was!  Going into the event I was a little anxious, nervous even, as I had only really run longer than 5km once and that was a very slow 7km at more of a walking pace than anything that could be called running.  I probably should have trained a bit more efficiently beforehand, but when I got to the event I oddly felt ready.

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So how did I find it – it was brilliant, easily one of the best things i’ve ever done!  I went into the day saying I just wanted to finish, but in my head I was really aiming for something between 80 and 90 minutes.  So I was really surprised with myself that I managed to finish in 1 hour 9 minutes and 34 seconds!  I did start with a little niggle in my left leg and a slight stitch in my side, but they soon disappeared as I found a rhythm as I headed down the Strand.

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As this was my first 10km whatever time I did was going to be a PB but with my eventual finish time it meant I was also running at a faster pace than my 5km PB.  34:08 for my first 5km and 35:26 for my second.  Considering I was running into the unknown a little bit, I was fully expecting to slow down in the back half, but seemed to get carried on by the support of the crowd and powered to the finish.

The thing that I was most pleased about wasn’t my time, but how far I was actually able to run without stopping.  Before this event I hadn’t even managed to finish a 5km run without stopping at least once.  So to be able to run more than 6km at a good pace without stopping really made me happy.  Next stop is 10km non-stop!

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So for me this was a run of first’s and PB’s –

  1. My first ever 10km
  2. My first and second fastest 5km’s
  3. My first time running non-stop for 5km’s (actually went 6.25 before pausing)
  4. My fastest 1km (6:06)

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While I don’t have much experience with mass-participation events like this (i’ve only ever done a small scale charity 5km before) I have to say this was such a well organised event (even if it is one of the pricier ones) – I was able to drop off and collect my bag with little to no wait, the run went really smoothly and the crowd support was just amazing.  Whether it was the marshalls shouting encouragement at random runners, or people holding great signs or rattling cowbells, or choirs singing and bands playing drums, or the one runner who kept shouting Oggy, Oggy, Oggy as he ran, they all made this a fantastic run and one that i’ll be back to do next year – hopefully this time not running by myself! 

(If you want to see a few more photos from the event check out my instagram account – Slimmingsimon where I post about my running and healthy eating stuff)

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