2018 Goals


I’m back from my Christmas break and after nearly two full weeks of relaxation and great time with my family i’m ready to get stuck in to 2018.  I’ve definitely over-indulged over the last week and feel a bit rubbish thanks to all the mince pies, trifle, wine and cheese, so i’m actually looking forward to getting back on track.

While i’ve been away i’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how this year has gone and what I want to achieve in 2018.  Over the last year I’ve really learnt the value of setting myself regular goals. It seems like an obvious thing to say but this is something I’ve never been good at setting for myself in my personal life.  But early on in 2017 I quickly realised that if I was going to succeed in losing weight and getting fit, setting myself a goal – and importantly being public about it – was a good way to keep me motivated. So over the course of the year I set myself a number of goals –

  • Lose my first stone/14lbs (achieved in January)
  • Join the gym (achieved in February)
  • Lose 50lbs (achieved in April)
  • Run a 5km for charity (achieved in May)
  • Do my first Parkrun (achieved in September)
  • Lose 100lbs (achieved in October)

Looking back at that list I’ve achieved so much more than I would have thought possible when I started back in January. The one target that I’m still working towards is losing 150lbs in total. We’ll see when that happens, but the difference between now and when I set that target is that I now know that I can (and will) achieve it, it’s just a question of when.

So as we’re at the start of a new year I think it’s time to give myself a new set of goals for the next phase on my weight loss journey.  Last year’s targets were mainly weight related, so this year I’m looking more at overall fitness.

1.  10km Running – I’m now a regular at Parkrun, so i’m doing a 5km run most weeks.  Therefore I want to build on this and participate in a number of 10km runs – I think 6 is a good target to be working towards and I’m already booked onto a number of events –

  • Winter Run Series (London) – February 3rd
  • Vitality 10,000 (London) – May 28th
  • British 10k (London) – July 15th

With the Vitality 10,000 event this is just a couple of days after I turn 33 so i’ve also decided to donate my birthday and run this event for Oxfam.

2. My second goal builds on the first and that’s to run my first half marathon by the end of the year.  This is a big deal for me but it still feels a long way from being achievable.  I felt like I needed a big goal for the year and this is it, it’ll give me motivation for the rest of the year to keep up with all the other aims.  I’m not yet 100% sure which race I want to do, but i’m currently thinking about the Royal Parks Half Marathon in October.

3. Last year I focused almost entirely on diet, but this year fitness is the main goal; therefore I want to make sure i’m supplementing the running i’m already doing with some strength and conditioning work.  I don’t want to go down the route of just going to the gym and using random machines (i’d have no real clue what I was doing), I want to do something more structured.  I’m not sure exactly what yet but i’m looking at something like Barry’s Bootcamp, Orange Fitness or a Personal Trainer.

4. Now while i’m planning to be more focused on fitness this year, that doesn’t mean i’m forgetting about weight loss.  So with eight stone lost in 2017 I’m pushing for a further four stone in 2018.  If I could achieve this by my 33rd birthday that would be fantastic, but i’m realistic this could take a bit longer.

5. The last goal for the year is to try and blog more.  I’ve written so many draft posts over the last few months but never actually hit the publish button.  So as I progress through 2018 I want to try and regularly update this blog with posts on fitness, travel and of course food!  I also want to update the blog to have a look i’m happy with, so expect some changes in the coming weeks.

That should certainly keep me busy for 2018.  If I can have as successful a year as I did in 2017 then i’m excited to see what happens in the next twelve months.


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